Unique Design

Unique Design

“My personal mission is to help break cycles of poverty through service, empowerment, embracement, and exposure while armed with God’s love and wisdom.”

Most of these blogs are truly my ‘Ugly Cry Unfiltered’. And just like the feeling you get when you encounter a crying stranger, It’s about to get uncomfortable!

Background: You may wonder why I identified myself as ‘A young black female..’ on my homepage (even my current business cards say it!). Especially if this is supposed to be a faith-based ministry. Here are three main reasons:

  1. I believe God designed me this way for a reason. I believe that the God of the Universe, who knew me and had a plan for me before I was even conceived (Jeremiah 1:5 & 29:11), designed me in this BODY for a purpose. The vessel I live in is a part of the equipment I’ll use to glorify Him!
  2. Not only is my physical body a part of my design, but MY HISTORY AND UPBRINGING is too! I’ll discuss my life up until high school graduation in this blog section. I’m an African American born in the 1990s and I had no real control over what my life looked like until I was about 18 years old. Once again, God planned it and I’ll use it to glorify Him!
  3. Lastly, I believe the world I live in TODAY is for a reason. In the world today, my race, nationally, gender and age, means something. For example, the political climate and affirmative action measures, help me realize that I can feel the effects of the wrongful treatment of those who came before me.

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With God’s Love,

Jamara Beard ❤