Ugly Cry Unfiltered Testimonies

“I just read your blog on work-life balance and it was truly beautiful. When I was coming up in undergrad, all I had was my relationship with Christ that gave me the ability to endure the loss of my father and brother. I know my resiliency is God given. God turned my grief into purpose and through that I want to provide healthcare for the poor and tell them about Christ. God chose me – therefore I’ll never have to be anything but who God called me to be.. myself. That’s why I love your blog because it encourages healthy self-esteem and reframing the perspective that we have on our lives as to what is important and it’s not materialistic possessions.”- Rebekah W.


“Reading this blog has given me so much insight into what I need to know, do and share as I’m longing to become a female Christian Engineer.”Maguy K.

Please let me know what makes you Ugly Cry or how my blog has blessed you below. I would love to share your testimony to inspire others!

With God’s Love,
Jamara Beard ❤