“My personal mission is to help break cycles of poverty through service, empowerment, embracement, and exposure while armed with God’s love and wisdom.”

By supporting my mission in any way, you’ll be mainly equipping me with the means to service underserved and oppressed people as an Evangelical Civil Engineer.

Currently, I am raising money to service underserved people in Zambia, Africa with my civil engineering skills as an Engineering Ministries International Design Intern!!

I hope that you prayerfully consider supporting my mission. Please click the links below to find out how.




Ugly Cry Bracelet


You may be wondering what motivates me and why I’ve decided to become a full-time Evangelical Civil Engineer. Read why I ugly cry here and follow my blog to find out!

Thank you SO much for your support! Please don’t feel obligated to give monetarily. I would rather you prayerfully ask God first before giving and only do so if you TRULY believe in my mission. I don’t need money from people who just want to push their own agenda on me. I realize most people that will benefit from what I’m doing don’t have a lot of money. So support how you can and with faith and watch God bless and enrich your life!

With God’s Love,

Jamara ❤