Ugly Cry Bracelet Request Form

Support and join my mission with an Ugly Cry Bracelet! Use it to encourage me, yourself and others throughout your everyday life.

Remember what it represents:

  • An emotional equilibrium when someone is simultaneously conscious of their past, present and future.
  • Strength in knowing, loving and being oneself despite uncomfortable situations.
  • Understanding that the past was necessary for a purposeful future.
  • The pain and purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross! Isaiah 53:5
  • Psalm 138: 3 On the day I called, you answered me; you made me bold with strength in my soul.

Ways to use it as encouragement:

  • Remember what it represents every time you wear it.
  • If someone asks you about your bracelet, use the opportunity to share your faith and testimony.
  • Order extra ones and intentionally give them to people (i.e. uplift the homeless).
  • Whenever I cross your mind, send (@UCUnfiltered) me a picture of you wearing it. Ugly Cries give me DAILY strength to stay focused on my mission! You’ll basically be on my cheerleading squad. ^_^

Read more about how I came to understand and accept my ugly cry here.

If you’ve donated at least $10 (click here to donate) or sent me an item on my resource list and would like an Ugly Cry Bracelet, please complete the following form. Note: They are a silicone material. One adult standard size: 2.5” diameter and 8” circumference. Add $5 for every additional bracelet you want. See image above.

Note: Once your payment is confirmed I will contact you with shipping details.


With God’s love,

Jamara ❤