My Vision

It’s 2017.. the KKK claim they are a Christian Organization, Donald Trump is President-Elect, and the Black Lives Matter movement is going strong. While understanding the world I live in, I envision God using Ugly Cry Unfiltered to bring hope to all people.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” – Romans 8:28 (NIV)

My crazy big God has given me a crazy big mission! Now that I’ve accepted the call, I need to be developed. Ugly Cry Unfiltered is my ministry development platform to help break cycles of poverty through service, empowerment, embracement and exposure while armed with God’s love and wisdom.

Even while it’s being developed, I envision God doing amazing things through my ministry. I pray that through my blogs and hands-on missional projects, people will benefit in the following ways:

Improve Life-Work Balance

It’s 2017 and the Black Lives Matter movement is still going strong. Meaning that as an African-American today, I have to make a point to tell the people, who are supposed to protect and serve me, not to kill me. Yet there is no such thing as Life-Work Balance! The term used is Work-Life Balance (isn’t work apart of life? and which one is more important?). I believe this term further supports the reality that an individual’s life (especially minorities), either don’t matter at work or is second to work. I’m exposing the factors that keep us from prospering at work. I pray people are empowered to know, love and be themselves at work. I pray employers understand the importance of embracing people with the intention to know, understand and accept them. Read my blog series on Life-Work Balance here

Delay Negative Judgement

It’s 2017 and President-Elect, Donald Trump, heavily campaigned with negative stereotypes. It may be a natural human characteristic to judge. However, I pray my ministry will help individuals grow in areas that force them to think before they judge. When we don’t know ourselves, don’t love ourselves, and aren’t encouraged to be ourselves, judgment is in the midst. Through sharing my testimony, I aim to empower you to know, love, and be who you are. I simultaneously and intentionally break down any barriers so I can know, understand, and unconditionally love you. Read my latest blog here.

Increase Church Integration (Ethnic and Cultural)

It’s 2017 and the KKK claim they are a Christian organization. That’s an extreme example, but I believe the racial divide in this country is greater than the religious one. Meaning I’m more comfortable with my ‘sista’ than my ‘sister in Christ’. I pray my ministry will provide guidance to help the Body of Christ leave this comfort zone and become a better reflection of heaven on earth. Read my comfort zone blogs here.

This is not an all-inclusive list. However, I pray this will give you a better understanding of what I hope to achieve with my ministry. My vision is located in the About Me section of my website and will be updated as God gives me more direction as the year progresses. I invite you to explore my website and follow me on social media at @UCUnfiltered.

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With God’s Love,
Jamara Beard ❤

Getting Through The Holidays Broke

Tip: Go home on Thanksgiving instead of Christmas..screenshot-2016-12-15-at-1-09-54-am

I can laugh about this now… But I’ll be lying if I said there was no truth to this picture. In my defense, I decided to go home for Thanksgiving (instead of Christmas) this year before God revealed my purpose. Plus, I got two trips for the price of one by spending four days in Ohio reconnecting with friends I met while attending The University of Akron.

All jokes aside, when you don’t have money to keep up with the typical flow of gift giving, the holidays are rough. Despite being broke this year, here are..

5 things that remind me I’m blessed this holiday season:

1. This is nothing new


This is what I woke up to Christmas morning 2015.. Netflix and 3 hungry cats waiting to be fed. I spent 10 days during Christmas last year pet sitting them in North Hollywood, CA. I was broke and decided to try for free housing in exchange for pet/house sitting. We had a ball. A hairball that is..

For Christmas a couple of years ago, I baked two lemon cakes. Sliced, wrapped and put Merry Christmas stickers on each piece. I gave them to my family, friends, church members, old co-workers, everyone. I felt like Oprah..Screenshot 2016-12-15 at 2.58.44 AM.png

2. I remember what Christmas is REALLY about

I’m a giver at heart and Christmas is a typical reason to give. However, I must remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!3 So I try not to feel obligated to buy things for people just because it’s Christmas. I actually encourage people NOT to buy me things. My family, friends and I always have everything we need (food, water, clothes, and much more). Also, I don’t give out IOUs. If I don’t have it, I can’t give it. While in school, I didn’t constantly remind people that I’m earning a civil engineering degree, which will land me a high paying job and result in better gifts once I graduated. Now I don’t feel unnecessary pressure to fulfill a Christmas promise. On the other hand.. If I have it, I’ll give it.

3. I’m a minimalist

How do I tell my family and friends that I don’t want stuff I don’t need? I suppose through this blog. I’ve become a full out minimalist this past year and everything I own can fit in the trunk of my car. That’s how I like it. I can pack up and move anywhere within hours. Which I’ve done multiple times while in LA. One of my goals is to build and live in a tiny house on wheels. Which you may think is odd since I’ve gotten a taste of luxury living while living in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, I still prefer to live life with only necessary and multi-purpose items. If I acquire a new item, I find something old to get rid of. This plays into how I give sometimes too. I would rather give someone something they can experience rather than a material item (i.e. gift card to a restaurant or tickets to a show) because those are the types of gifts I would want. Are you wondering what this minimalist wants for Christmas?? Click here for the answer

4. I’m broke in the flesh but rich in Spirit

I may have made a third of the amount of money I could’ve made this year if I accepted an engineering offer post graduation. I may be moving from warm Los Angeles to cold Colorado Springs in a couple of weeks. However, I’m only 25 years old and I know what my purpose in life is! Not only do I know it, but I’m living it! I’m working for God while practicing the skill I went to school for. Oh and I’m going to Zambia, Africa in a couple months!! Bottomline: I could have zero dollars in the bank and zero presents under my nonexistent tree, but I can NEVER DOUBT THAT GOD IS GOOD! Que Ugly Cry

5. Ugly Cries give me strength

My mental health got worst each year I was in college. I consistently struggled to keep my GPA up, to manage my time efficiently, to lead my student organizations, and to excel at my internships. The constant stress and anxiety began to feel normal. It’s a feeling that was almost impossible to turn off during the holidays. In addition, during this time of the year, I would typically feel the shame of not doing well in a class or the guilt of showing up to Christmas empty handed. The pressure was suffocating and often left me paralyzed in fear. Jonothan Mcreynolds has a song called Pressure and it reminds me of the feeling I’ve had for the past few years. I listen to it every day because It reminds me that God relieved all my pressure! This holiday season my Ugly Cry reminds me to rejoice because with God I am more than a conqueror!1

My Prayer (Join me if you’ll like!):

“Father, thank you for loving the world so much that you sent your only son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins.2 I’m grateful for this holiday because it gives me the opportunity to share the Gospel. No matter how little or much I have, please help remind me who I’m celebrating. Not myself or others, but Jesus.3 Thank you Jesus! Amen.”

Thanks for reading my blog!! I’ll be starting a series on Life-Work Balance (not to be confused with Work-Life Balance) this Thursday (12/22)! Wishing you an early Merry Christmas and I hope you remember that God loves you!!

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With God’s Love,
Jamara Beard ❤

Bible References

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