Blog Overview

Blog Overview

“My personal mission is to help break cycles of poverty through service, empowerment, embracement, and exposure while armed with God’s love and wisdom.”

  1. Service underserved and oppressed people through civil engineering.
  2. Empower people to know, love and be themselves.
  3. Embrace people with the intention to know, understand and unconditionally love them.
  4. Expose factors that I believe keep cycles of poverty going and identify resources available to combat them.

I’ll be blogging regularly throughout 2017. As of now, these blogs will be the main source of how my ministry will function during this development stage. My hope is that every blog will contain the following:

  • Most will fit into one of these sub-categories: Unique Design, Unique Qualification, Comfort ZoneBreaking Cycles, Service & Development.
  • My testimony and give the reader a better understanding of why I’m uniquely designed and equipped for this mission.
  • Biblical references. I choose to spread the Gospel by showing (with my life) rather than just verbally. However, I’ll provide biblical references whenever I can and I’m always willing to answer questions/ provide references for spiritual growth and understanding.
  • My prayer. I need God as close to me throughout this challenging and uncomfortable life mission. I have to stay prayed up! Please pray for me as well!
  • The occasional challenge. This will likely be in the form of a pledge or discussion. The task will likely challenge your comfort zone. If you accept it you’ll be joining/supporting my mission through empowering, embracing, and exposing while armed with God’s Love.
  • My personality. I have quite the sense of humor! ^_^
  • 500 words or less. Well, I won’t actually count, but I will do my best to keep it brief!

Check out my first blog, Why I Ugly Cry! Here

With God’s Love,

Jamara Beard ❤